Rumors that the Vatican wants the Medjugorje visionaries to speak about the secrets are not true

A July 7, 2010 report by ANSA ( an Italian news source) regarding the Vatican investigating the Medjugorje secrets is not true.

The article, which is circulating on the Internet,  says that the Vatican commission is considering whether or not to question the six visionaries. It claims that “they want them to speak about the Virgin’s message and of the alleged secrets she revealed to them.” In conclusion, it states that “the visionaries’ answers will be decisive in clarifying if the Virgin really appeared at Medjugorje.”

The Medjugorje visionary Ivan  Dragicevic says he hasn’t heard of any of this and that it is not true–just a rumor. Many rumors have been reported regarding the Vatican’s discernment and investigation of Medjugorje, unsubstantiated by any direct report from the Vatican itself, and this is yet another one.

The source of Ivan’s words is Ana Shawl, who questioned him about the Italian report. Mrs. Shawl is a friend of Ivan’s and works closely with him.  She and and her husband, Steve Shawl, began the “Medjugorje Web” (  site, run the IIPG Queen of Peace prayer group, and lead pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

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