The Medjugorje conversion testimony of famous Spanish author, Maria Vallejo Nagera . . . on video!

In this video, Maria candidly tells her story of conversion,highlighting a transformative experience she had while in Medjugorje.

In just one brief moment, her whole life changed.

Speaking of her life before that moment, she says:

“I have to admit that at that time, even having been considered a Catholic all my life, my faith was tepid. I was a ‘Sunday Catholic’, always bored at the celebration of the Mass, not really understanding most of its parts, and always trying to make excuses to avoid going to the church. My parents had raised me Catholic, the schools I attended were Catholic, but no real feeling of God lived in our family or in our hearts. I like to describe my family as ‘social Catholics’: we attended Mass every Sunday, yes, but with no real feelings, only going through the motions, flowing with the Spanish Catholic crowd. If all of our friends and family members were churchgoers in Madrid, we were going to do the same no matter what. I remember trying fiercely to convince my two friends during that trendy lunch that they were going to explore a senseless, ridiculous way to approach God. We were rich, we were young, we were happy healthy mothers of beautiful children, we had attractive husbands that adored us. In other words, we had the world in our hands.”

Posted by Ed Sousa, Sr.

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