She went to Medjugorje and didn’t want to leave

Yvonne Resendez

Yvonne Resendez, the Master of Ceremonies at the recent Medjugorje Healing Conference in Fremont, California, on November 6th, joyfully shared a couple of stories of her experience on pilgrimage in Medjugorje. She told of how she had gone there for her mother’s 70th birthday, and how she had bought her mother a necklace from Tiffany’s (with an emblem of a shopping bag, since her mom loves to shop), thinking that this was quite the gift! She gave the necklace to her mom on Cross Mountain, but Mary of Medjugorje wanted to grace her mother with yet another present, and on that mountain turned her mother’s rosary to gold, thus saying: “This, my children, is the more important necklace.”

Yvonne also shared how her father had never in his life wanted to pray the rosary with his wife, despite years of her requesting it, and without a suggestion, prompt, or even an intercessory prayer, when she and Yvonne returned from Medjugorje, her father said spontaneously, “I’d like to pray the rosary with you.” And he has prayed it every day since that moment, years ago.

In this short audio clip, hear Yvonne speak about the rest of her beautiful pilgrimage. Click here to listen.

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