Best video to capture the peace of Medjugorje, called “Why Medjugorje”

“WHY MEDUGORJE” is a new documentary film by Croatian director Josip Loncar. It recalls his own personal experience when he visited Medugorje for the first time in 1987. As an added bonus, the film’s narration is by the renowned scripture scholar Tony Hickey. In Loncar’s words, Hickey narrates: “I came to Medjugorje in order to experience the love of God.  believed in God, but still, I didn’t have the experience of His great love. I was there for three days, and I didn’t see any kind of miracle, I had not met any of the visionaries, and I hadn’t experienced anything I could describe as being extraordinary. But at the end of my visit, I did experience the most important thing of all, God Himself.”

This film very much captures the ‘Spirit of Medjugorje’ from a pilgrim’s perspective. It is 20 minutes long, and worth the time spent to see it.

Read these highly favorable YouTube comments about the video:

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  • Absolutely beautiful!…I have viewed several films on Medjugorje, and this is without doubt the best and most balanced I have come across.

    medufan 5 months ago 3

  • This is one of the best videos of Medjugorje, I’ve ever seen. I loved the background music, the narration of what goes on, and the filming too is perfect. I pray that millions of people will go to Medjugorje thanks to your effort. God Bless you.

    ruthschurter 3 months ago

  • Well done! You made me miss Medjugorje (I just made my first visit there just about a month ago).

    medjugorjebookreview 4 months ago

  • The BEST…..The Truth…..Thank you !

    God Bless

    peterwschlamp 4 months ago

  • Having been there twice, I can attest that this video is the best representation of exactly what I feel when I go there. Thank you to the producers.

  • For more info on the film production, visit the website:


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  1. Carine says:

    The best video that I have seen on Medjugorje. It is very touching to see the large amount of priests that are there to hear confession and con-celebrate mass!!
    There is something immensely beautiful happening every day in Medjugorje — it is Heaven visiting Earth to refocus us to the real purpose of our entire being in this world.
    My life truly has not been the same since 1987 when I first heard about Medjugorje and the apparitions of Our Lady. I had the opportunity to visit this Holy Place in 1990 and think that a great part of me stayed there. Never would I imagine that my praying and going to church all day would bring such inner peace and an understanding that our main purpose is truly to serve GOD. My entire view of the world and our human purpose of existence has changed since that realization.
    Mother Mary we thank you a zillion times for your commitment to your children and your perseverance despite our deaf ears. Please do not give up on us and thank you, Lord Jesus, for the immense graces that we have been receiving. Please have mercy on us as we have no understanding of how our sins hurt you!! Please direct us to have strength and commitment to spread your mission and do your will, in Jesus’ name.
    Love and Peace,

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