Dying toddler healed of 19 tumors in Medjugorje

Joshua de Nicolo during one of his TV appearances. The boy and his parents have appeared on a handful of major Italian tv channels: RAI 1, RAI 3, Channel 5, and Rete 4

The following is excerpted from the extraordinary story of Joshua de Nicolo’s healing in Medjugorje:

Elizabeth de Nicolo, Joshua’s mother said, “The doctor told us that Joshua “was miraculously healed.” And Dr. Xavier Ladogana, the director of the oncological department, went further: “What happened to your child is scientifically inexplicable. With the resources and knowledge we have at our disposal, we cannot give an accurate and incontestable medical explanation. We can only say that the child no longer has the same disease he had before the pilgrimage.”

For the full story, see www.medjugorjetoday.tv

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