Visionary Mirjana, asks Medjugorje critics, “Why should I invent such a lie?”

In the early days of the Medjugorje apparitions. The visionary Mirjana is pictured in the middle.


In a new book by Kresimir Sego, called A Conversation with the Visionaries, (Medjugorje, 2011), Mirjana shares her pain over those who believe she and the other five Medjugorje visionaries have fabricated a hoax of seeing the Virgin Mary. “I feel sorry for those who continue to think and feel this way, who continuously wonder whether or not this all is true, while Our Lady is stretching out her hand to lead us to salvation. Why do you waste time?” Mirjana asks.

“I also often asked myself: Why should I invent such a lie? If I were lying, this would make me an abnormal person. Even during communism, the doctors stated that we were normal. I had a nice life, I lived with my parents as the only child for nine years; they cherished me. Why would I want to turn my life upside down, why bring turmoil, anxiety, agony and pain into my life – why? In my opinion, only an unstable person can do such a thing.”

After Mirjana began having apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the small town of Medjugorje, in the former Yugoslavia, the Communist authorities left Mirjana little peace in attempting to have her break down:

Mirjana today with a young pilgrim

“Every day I was taken away by officers of the Republic Secretariat of Internal Affairs. They interrogated and questioned me. They demanded that I write and sign a statement that Fr. Jozo Zovko (parish priest in Medjugorje by the time of the first apparition, ed.) fabricated the whole event which took place in Medjugorje.”

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  1. Frank says:

    I dont blame people attacking these visionaries. That is how Fatima apparition was attacked. Even today some people still don’t believe in the Fatima message. It is the devil’s work, trying to dissuade people from the truth! Let us wake up and stop attacking these people.

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