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Video of Christine Watkins’ talk at the Notre Dame Medjugorje Conference

“Nothing is more important in life,” says Catholic author and speaker, Christine Watkins, “than climbing our way to heaven and helping others to come with us.” Mrs. Watkins is the founder of Queen of Peace Media (www.queenofpeacemedia.com), whose slogan is “Find your way Home.” God-given mission in life is to help people do just that. She gave her testimony of conversion at the 2012 Medjugorje Conference at Notre Dame, and since this video was posted, requests have come pouring in for the guided prayer meditation, called “Meeting Mary,” which closes her talk. (Should you wish to order a copy, click here: www.queenofpeacemedia.com/shop.)

The call to live Mary of Medjugorje’s messages is urgent, and the call isn’t for tomorrow, but for now: pray with the heart, in particular the Rosary; go to Mass, go to monthly Confession; read the Bible, and fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. Is all of this easy? No. Is all of it possible? Yes. Click on the video below to hear Christine Watkins amazing testimony of conversion and to learn more about Mary’s messages. During the guided prayer meditation to Mary, you are encouraged to invite the Mother of God, herself, to speak to you, heal you, and guide you with her tender hand. Just as she came to everyone present at the conference, she will come to you.

Christine Watkins, MTS, LCSW, was a professional dancer with the San Francisco Ballet Company and an atheist, lost in sexual sin and the New Age Movement, before her miraculous healing and conversion to Catholicism, which saved her from death. She is an inspirational Catholic speaker and the author of two popular books of Medjugorje conversion stories: Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession and Of Men and Mary: How Six Men Won the Greatest Battle of Their Lives; as well as the highly acclaimed Transfigured: Patricia Sandoval’s Escape from Drugs, Homelessness, and the Back Doors of Planned Parenthood. See www.ChristineWatkins.com.