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Miraculous Medjugorje Photographs during Mirjana’s Apparition

Below are a series of amazing photographs that my friend, Ana, took on our pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 2007. Several of us took pictures on the trip, and we noticed an interesting phenomenon. Whereas never before had our cameras given us pictures with with any white translucent circles on them, suddenly in Medjugorje these “orbs” were showing up in our pictures.

At first I thought my lens had dust on it, and so I cleaned it, but the orbs kept showing up. Not looking closely at my digital pictures with orbs, and considering them defective, I deleted mine. Thankfully, my friends had a keener eye than I and kept theirs, saying to me, “I don’t think this is dust at all. These orbs are showing up especially during Mass in the church and during Mary’s apparition!” We started to look closer and zoomed in on the larger orbs, which seemed to have a 3-d texture to them, as if something was inside of them.

Curious, we asked one another: “Angels? Saints? Who’s coming to Mass with us, and who is visiting us, along with Mary?” Our faith tells us that an unseen world of heavenly hosts accompanies such sacred moments, and perhaps God wanted to “see” our heavenly friends.

Ana’s photographs were taken before and during the visionary Mirjana’s monthly apparition, which took place in a building located in the Cenacolo community in Medjugorje.

In the following two pictures, Mirjana has not yet arrived, and Ana is near where the visionary will soon come to kneel and pray the rosary before Mary appears to her. You’ll notice a few people with severe handicaps sitting in a semicircle. The handicapped are always given a place at the front of the crowd when possible. When the apparition first began, these precious souls in wheelchairs began to cry with a sound of ecstatic joy and surprise, while everyone else remained silent. They seemed to collectively sense something, at the exact same time, when there was no way they could have known by any external sense the exact moment when Mary appeared, for people were surrounding Mirjana at that point. And when the apparition ended, they began to wail, collectively, exactly at the same time. I was seated just next to them and marvelled at their synchronized reactions. What had they experienced? I wondered.

In this photo, you can see the people in wheelchairs, and notice that there are few orbs. At this time, people are singing songs to Jesus and Mary.


In the following photos, Ana has moved to the balcony. People are singing and awaiting Mirjana’s (and in particular, Mary’s) arrival:


Mirjana has now arrived and is kneeling before a statue of Mary and bowing her head in silent prayer:


The crowd begins praying the rosary aloud, and more orbs start to come in all at once:


I was sitting with my family just four feet from Mirjana, with her husband Marco on her right. Suddenly in the middle of reciting the rosary, she lifted her head upwards abruptly, with her eyes gazed at a fixed point, and began nodding and crying–her lips responding with no sound to what she was seeing and hearing:


When Mary appeared, Ana was in the balcony and took a picture. The atmosphere is filled with orbs, most likely heavenly hosts! And a beautiful peace came upon us:


When the apparition ended, Mirjana looked bereft. She told our pilgrimage group that being with Mary is like being in heaven, and coming back to earth is an extremely difficult transition for her:


With a trembling hand and wiping away tears, Mirjana began to write down the message Mary had dictated to her. Every word imprints itself upon her mind, she told us, so that she can remember the words easily.


Here is the message that Mary gave us and the world that day, on March 2nd, 2007. It was translated quickly for us by Miki Musa, our guide, in the best English he could give:

Mirjana introduced the message by remarking, “Our Lady was decisive. She said”:

Today I will speak to you about what you have forgotten. Dear children! My name is love. That I am with you for so much of your time is love, because the Great Love sends me. I am asking the same of you. I am asking for love in your families. I am asking that you recognize love in your brother. Only in this way, through love, will you see the face of the Great Love. May fasting and prayer be your guiding star. Open your hearts to love, namely, to salvation.

Thank you.

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  1. Ray Mooney says:

    These pictures brought me back to 2003 when I went to Medjugorje for my second pilgrimage and took a number of friends with me. One friend took pictures of evening Adoration on the outside rear altar. During the processsion Dan took pictures of the huge monstrance that they use and when he downloaded them onto his laptop we saw many of these orbs surrounding the priest and monstrance. When we returned to Allentown, PA he brought the pictures to a specialist and he couldn’t imagine what they were. As time went on more orbs appeared and they became more and more detailed in appearance. We finally decided that they could only be angels adoring their lord and master.

  2. sabrina says:

    wow! this is amazing! i love the photos. i am just back form Medjugorie. i have been there 5 times. i am interested to know if anyone has a good explanation for the white circles in the pictures. They also appear on so many of my photos over the years and yet i am not sure what they signify. you called them “heavenly hosts.” can you explain what you mean by that? thank you. (please can you email me, as i’m not sure how to get back into this sight, as i found it by accident and i am not very good on the computer)
    God bless you!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Sabrina,
    My friends and I who have had those orbs on our photographs in Medjugorje tend to believe that they are angels. They appear to have a 3-D dimension of figures inside of them. Awe-inspiring, no?

  4. Juan Santisteban says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable testimony.
    On July 8th, 2011, Friday, at 9:55 p.m., I attended an Apparition to Ivan, at the Blue Cross (on the Apparition Hill, called Podbrdo), in Medjugorje. During the Apparition, after finishing the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary and fasting all day long on bread (integral) and water, I received a wonderful gift: I saw a gleaming bluish figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was floating among the trees, at a distance of 20 or 30 metres from me, and because of the branches I couldn’t see her face. Anyway, the beauty of the figure was majestic. At first, I thought it was a new statue put on that part of the hill; but it wasn`t the small, white statue standing by the Blue Cross. On my returning journey, another pilgrim confessed having seen the Virgin during the Apparition. Her description coincided with what I had seen, and I started seriously to accept the possibility that I (an obstinate and despicable sinner) I have seen really the Gospa!

    A doctor (dermatologist) friend of mine contracted cancer two years ago, and a splenic metastasis was detected on him. He went with his wife and two daughters to Medjugorje to pray. One of his daughters is called Beatriz, but he always called her affectionately with a fanciful nickname: “Tisina”. Tisina was a pretty 23 years old girl with a captivating smile and beautiful blue eyes. When he started to climb the Apparitioni Hill, he saw a sign saying “Tisina”, a Croatian word meaning “silence”. When he returned home, he was healed. Some months later, her daughter Tisina entered a Discalced Carmelite Convent in Torremolinos, Spain. Her life is marked by prayer and silence.

    Another interesting Medjugorjian case was told to me by a retired teacher. A Spanish woman had decided to divorce, as her troubled marriage had reached a dead end. Before starting the divorce process, she went to Medjugorje trying to find some miraculous help to save her marriage. It was in 2009, 2nd August. In the early morning an Apparition was due to Mirjana, and a multitudinous congregation of pilgrims were crowding the hillside of Podbrdo (Apparition Hill). She took a rosary from a near shop, offering the money indicated on the price tag. But the shop assistant gestured to her to accept the Rosary as a present. Strange behaviour! The Spanish woman couldn’t not give thanks for the present verbally, as she couldn’t speak Croatian, but gave her a thankful smile. Suddenly, the shop assistant said something in perfect Spanish: “No dejes a tu marido” (“Don’t leave your husband”). Flabbergasted, the Spanish pilgrim started going up the crowded hillside. And a foreign priest, totally unknown for her, addressed her in good Spanish: “Haz caso a lo que acaba de decirte la Virgen” (“Do as requested from you by the Virgin Mary”).

  5. Caroline Hislop says:

    I, too, have a beautiful photo of an orb taken during Adoration. I was praying and asking Jesus for a tangible sign of His real presence in the Holy Host. The photo shows an enormous Host (orb) next to the real one.

  6. Mary Ann C Golden says:

    I have been to Medjugorje 3 times and plan on going back 2012. I miss it so much, being there in peace.

  7. Nádia Maria Gobbo Castilho says:

    Não tive a oportunidade até o momento de conhecer Medjugorje, mas me emociono com as mensagens, fotos e vídeos das aparições da nossa Mâe Rainha da Paz.

    Um grande abraço.

  8. Joseph E. Schroer says:

    Dear Christine: On my first trip to Medjugorje–Sep.12, 1989, I saw a black diamond and a black cross in the sun, along with four pilgrims from Louisville, Kentucky, during an evening apparition. It was a faith-filled trip.

  9. Lilly says:

    I was in Medjugorje in Oct 12. I am glad I came across your photos showing the white orbs. I took a picture by the Risen Christ statue at 6 in the morning, and the statue was surrounded by huge white orbs all around Jesus. At first I thought the picture was not properly taken, but now I know these white orbs are angels.

  10. Carine says:

    I went to Medjugorje in August of 1990. While taking pictures of the sun, my friend and I saw what looked like round “Hosts” in the pictures. We felt they were symbolic of the Holy Eucharist. One day while praying the Rosary outside, in front of St James parish, I saw three large “headlight-sized” balls of light pass by in the air and enter the church through the windows. Instinctively, I turned to see if anyone might have simulates such an image, but there were only small trees behind me. It would have been impossible. I pointed to a fellow pilgrim traveling with me from my parish. She immediately saw Our Lady with three angels. Those “Balls of Light” were actually angels. Friends who were in the crowded church also saw the three balls of light moving through the church towards the altar.
    Amazing things happen in Medjugorje, too numerous to put into words, but forever implanted in many hearts. Our Lady is truly appearing there with heavenly beings accompanying her.
    I praise our merciful God from Heaven who has allowed such a tremendous gift of Our Lady to stay with us for all of these years to help bring His children back to Him.
    May we be examples of heaven’s love and peace,

  11. bernadette says:

    I went to Medjugorje in May, 2006, and took pictures inside the church. I, too, have some circles( I thought my camera lens was dirty, but it was not.) The next day, about one o’clock in the afternoon, when we sat at the statue of the Risen Christ, a group of ladies behind us were crying and singing and pointed towards the sun. We saw that the sun had a disk covering the middle of it, which made it possible for us to stare at it without ruining our retinas. It was a wonderful feeling watching it, and we dropped to our knees. At 6:35 a.m., on the day of our departure, I stopped by at the back of the church and prayed my rosary where Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was occurring on the outdoor altar. I noticed that sunlight was dancing and flickering on the Monstrance. I thought that somebody must be playing with a flashlight or that it was coming from the flashes of a camera. But when I looked at the sun it was pulsating and emitting different colors. I felt a peace and joy for the gift of this sight. I stood up and told some ladies around me. They cried the moment they saw it.

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