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In her compelling debut book, Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession. Christine Watkins tells her dramatic story of a miraculous healing, along with the stories of five others:
• a nightclub stripper
• a Nobel Peace Prize nominee
• a homeless drug addict
• a lonely youth
• a cocaine abuser
All of these people share one thing in common: a visit to Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary is appearing in our lifetime, played a pivotal role in their faith journeys.
The book is a must-read, page turner that is changing lives, bringing people back to faith, and getting fantastic reviews–

Wayne Weible, author of Medjugorje the Message, called the book, “direct, heart-rending, and miraculous.”

Denis Nolan, author of Medjugorje and the Church, says, “Start reading, and you’ll find it hard to put down!”

Teresa Burke, author of Forbidden Grief, says, “I cannot think of another book on Medjugorje so well done!”

After each story, Watkins offers a prayerful reflection and thought-provoking questions to enable her readers to delve into deep personal reflection, making Full of Grace an ideal resource for spiritual direction, parish retreats, and faith sharing groups.

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  1. leslIE BARONAS says:

    Your story touched me deeply. Our dearest Mother is so AWESOME. How I wish every lost child (and there are so many of them of all ages), could know Her, and find healing and comfort in her arms. She always leads to her Son.

  2. Barbara Geraghty says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that God’s unrelenting love for us is so profoundly present. Christine Watkins account of our Blessed Mother Mary’s intercesson in her life and the lives of our brothers and sister through Jesus is soul soothing and filled with joy. God bless your continued work and ministry.

  3. I just finished reading FULL OF GRACE, and truly it was God-inspired writing. Thank you, Christine. This is a fabulous book which made my heart open even more to the supernatural, loving God, Who made us all. As I read each testimony, I ‘lived in each person’s shoes,’ through the compassion I felt in my heart for these people. I cried joyful tears for them, and also for myself as their life stories brought back so many memories where I, too, had been saved by our God. I began to thank God and praise Him for saving our souls.

  4. Marty Mailloux says:

    Just finished Full of Grace. It really affected me and caused me to pray more than I’ve ever prayed before. I hope that I will continue to re-read these stories as they seem to call me to find Mary and her son Jesus. Thanks for all your hard work in putting these stories in print. I feel like it was written just for me.

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