Eric Clapton and Pavarotti sing to the Virgin Mary

Eric Clapton wrote this most beautiful song — a heartfelt prayer to the Blessed Mother. In this benefit concert, watch how beautifully his prayer is expressed with the accompaniment of the great Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.

Clapton’s prayer, is indeed real. In his painfully honest memoir, Clapton: The Autobiography, he elaborates on the beginnings of his prayer life — a 1987 rock-bottom moment at the rehab treatment center.

“I was in complete despair,” Clapton wrote. “In the privacy of my room, I begged for help. I had no notion who I thought I was talking to, I just knew that I had come to the end of my tether . . .  and, getting down on my knees, I surrendered. Within a few days I realized that . . . I had found a place to turn to, a place I’d always known was there but never really wanted, or needed, to believe in. From that day until this, I have never failed to pray in the morning, on my knees, asking for help, and at night, to express gratitude for my life and, most of all, for my sobriety. I choose to kneel because I feel I need to humble myself when I pray, and with my ego, this is the most I can do. If you are asking why I do all this, I will tell you . . . because it works, as simple as that.”

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  1. Sharon says:

    Wow what a beautiful song! Praise the Lord Almighty!

  2. mary c says:

    Help to keep my friend Billy R strong as he fights the toughest fight and visits Medjugorje for strength.

  3. admin says:

    I will pray for your friend, Billy!

  4. bec says:

    Thank you for sharing this gem, it beautiful and we have been a Clapton fan for years. My husband was also moved to write a song he feels that Mary moved him to write after a serious accident. The Blessed mother moves and guides us when we need her most to help lead us to Jesus!

  5. Tom Grady says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and story, born out of a desperate plea for sobriety. “Holy Mother, Hear my prayer!” One day at a time. It is a fitting prayer and tribute to our Lady, as she leads the world to Jesus!

  6. Pat Smith says:

    I wished that Eric would record this and other spiritual, uplifting songs to fight the darkness all around everybody. What a wonderful, unusual arrangement with an orchestra, gospel singers, and Pavarotti and Eric on electric guitar–but it really worked.

  7. Doris Hall says:

    Jesus’ Mother is there, and will always be there for us, if only we would listen to her when she speaks to us, and not be afraid to hear what she is saying. She will guide us on the right path and tell us what to do to save our lives and our souls.

  8. Christine Cambell says:

    Love his testimony, their voices, the message to never give up asking for God`s intercessions! Thank You, Mary, for your example of purity and chastity. May you intercede for the whole world, especially my children. Amen.

  9. Linda says:

    It is so inspiring to see a rock star witness to us. God bless you, Eric, and may Pavarotti rest in peace.

  10. Laurie McAulay says:


  11. Mary Margaret says:

    I have always loved this song. Thank you God and Mother Mary foe the beautiful voices both Clapton and Pavorroti have – God Best in Singing his Praises

  12. Melanie says:

    Gosh, I couldn’t stop listening to this song, which brought tears to my eyes. It really is beautiful.

  13. Cheryl says:

    I have very strong faith in Mother Mary, she is powerful.

  14. Chris Volney says:

    Sending this to all who inspire me, that inspiration may be a virtue

  15. Hilary Fernandes, says:

    Wonderfull prayer. I wish more songs can be written like this one. We need people to know that we need God always in our lives. Without him, we are nobody in this world.

  16. Annette May says:


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